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Lana Rose Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography, and Youtuber

Lana Rose Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography, and Youtuber

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Parisa Beiraghdary a name which was given to her by her parents, off course, none other than Lana Rose yeah you guys heard it right, she changed her name from Parisa Beiraghdary to another beautiful name Lana Rose. Lana is quite famous on internet for something or the other, for her good only. 

Lana Rose Wiki / Biography

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She started her life her career in 2013 with the help of internet as she runs a You Tube channel named “Lana Rose”.  Which she made on 11th October. In which she displays her passion make-up, she is a professional make-up artist. And that she portraits in her you tube channel. Basically, she gives a make-up tutorial to the general people that how to do make and it’s benefits and disadvantages. With all this she also has a Supercar vlog and some video based on her leisure life style.

lana rose wiki
lana rose wiki

Besides all the you tube, vlog Lana is also a professional oil painting artist. A full house of talent, in her free time or when she is in mood, she paints and not surprisingly they are sold at a huge price and she earns good amount of money from them. In June 2018, Lana came out with her ever first official music video on you tube named “Lana Rose-You Changed”, she was appreciated for her work. After few months she again launched her music video “Lana Rose- Feel So Real”. This song of her was also praised by the people, and became very famous.

Lana Rose Family, Childhood and Country

Lana whose actual name was Parisa Beiraghdary entered this world on 21st September 1989.

lana rose childhood

 She is currently 30 years Approx. Lana was brought up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to a very famous sheikh Islamic higher family. Her father Esmail Beiraghdari and mother Nadereh Beiraghdari, she also has a brother who is again a very famous entrepreneur and a You tuber, he is Mohamed Beiraghdari.

lana rose parents
lana rose parents

She lives with her mother and brother in her own house which she had built in Dubai as her father got separated from her mother 4 years later and does not live with them.

lana rose family

Lana was a dedicated student as well she completed her studies from London and then returned to Dubai. She is an independent lady, single as well and busy with all her work, if she gets any free time, she loves to spend it with her friends and family. He is quite famous on social media as she has more than 1.7 million followers on you tube and 1.9 million on Instagram. She also has a great sense of passion and gives advice to people that how they should carry themselves in their outfit. 

Favourite Things of Lana Rose

He loves to shop and has a different love towards car and caring adventure, so she brought her own Lamborghini in 2014 which cost her around $ 2lack 50 thousand.

lana rose with lambhorghini

She brought it because of her luxury car enthusiasm. She loves to paint, travel, shop and blogging. She loves to wear pink and purple colour outfit as she thinks she looks quite beautiful in them, so she does. Her favourite You tuber is Logan Paul and Huda Kattan. Her favourite animal is Cat, she owns two.

Her favourite ideal place for vacation is London, Dubai.

Physical stats and Figure of Lana Rose

lana rose figure

Lana Rose is 5 feet 6 inches, 176cm. She weighs 65 kg and her eye colour is brown and her hair colour is black though she dies it brown or blonde. Her body measurement goes this way her bra size 34b and her waist is 30 and her hip size is 36.

Her shoe size is 8(US), which means 36 or 37 in Indian.

Net Worth Or Income of Lana Rose

Lana is a rich lady whatever she earns is her hard-earned money like others, she like to live her life too the fullest and that to with full Leisure, she does not like compromising on her things or comfort.

lana rose lamborghini
lana with lamborghini

Her main source of income is her painting made, her You Tube channel, her passion for music and all that when she does, she earns 4million dollars in net. Lana’s most of the money is spent in her car fanatics and then on her dresses, her look and on many more. She mostly earned a good amount of money in which the Hollywood starts were also a part of her video. And the most viewed and successful in terms of money was the YOGA challenge, LAMBORGHINI Aventador.

Overall a self-made girl with a lot of dreams and desire. 

Lana Rose Social Sites

  • Facebook @ Lana-Rose-1680371262242746 (318k followers)
  • Instagram @ lanarose786 (1.9 m followers)
  • Snapchat @ Lana.rose786
  • Twitter @ lanarose786 (58.2k followers)
  • YouTube @ Lana Rose
  • TikTok @ Lana.rose786

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