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Tarun Gill is a renowned fitness influencer and motivational speaker. He is a popular bodybuilder, Youtuber, Fitness Freak, and now a full-time Vlogger who generally takes interviews with other bodybuilders and helps the community to get exposure. 

Tarun Gill

Tarun is a very hard-working person and he dedicatedly works on his fitness and his youtube channel. His Youtube channel has more than 4 million followers, and continuously working towards helping people and becoming a fitness champ.

Tarun Gill Wiki / Biography

Tarun Gill was born on October 14, 1984, in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, is a pop fitness personality known for his passion for health and wellness. From a young age, Tarun showed a deep interest in fitness and began his journey to transform himself physically and mentally.

tarun gill bodybuilder
Tarun Gill with Fitness Expert

Physical Appearance

Tarun Gill has a muscular and well-toned physique. He has a slim body he has a chest of Approx. 44 inches, waist of 34 inches, and bicep of 18 inches.

tarun gill tips

His height is Approx. 5 feet 10 inches and he weighs around 90 kg. His eye color is black and his hair color is also black. 


Tarun Gill is 32 years old and he was born on 14th July and his birthplace is Delhi. By profession, he is Youtuber and an Entrepreneur his hometown is in Delhi and his zodiac sign is Cancer.

He had completed his college at St. Stephens College Delhi.

tarun gill fitness coach

He has also an education qualifications of a Bachelor’s degree in history, a Master’s degree in Journalism, and an MBA in marketing. By religion, he is a Sikh and Jat by caste

In eating he loves everything to eat but his favorite is Non-Vegetarian. He loves to travel. He is also having a Tattoo on his left forearm of his wife’s name. 

Family, Religion, and Wife 

Tarun Gill loves his family so much as he is very close to his family. In an interview, he credits the success to his wife Nidhi Chaudhry Gill.

tarun gill wife
Tarun Gill with his wife Nidhi Chaudhry Gill.

He says all the success he got is just because of his wife’s support. He loves to visit Gurudwara and is a devotee of Guru Nanak.

tarun gill family
Tarun with his Mother and Father


Tarun Gill’s career in the fitness industry began as a personal trainer, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. His expertise and dedication to fitness established a strong online presence through social media platforms and his website.

Tarun became an influential figure, motivating and educating people about fitness and lifestyle choices.

tarun gill bodybuilder

He wanted to become a journalist like Rubika Liyaquat and Faridoon Shahryar.  He had a keen interest in journalism in his teenage age, so he completed his dream and has a degree in the same. This is the reason why people follow him, he is a strong-headed person.

Tarun Gill spends more of his time on his fitness as he is a fitness freak. He has also a youtube channel in which he posts vlogs and videos of fitness and he is also having more than 4 million followers on his youtube channel.



He has done an internship with Goldman Sachs. He met a lot of celebrities from Bollywood which includes John Abraham, Sanjay Dutt, etc.

tarun gill with sanjay dutt
Tarun with Sanjay Dutt

He was lucky enough that he got married to his girlfriend after being in a relationship for three years and after then she is his biggest support

Facts about Tarun Gill

tarun gill

Tarun does not like smoking and he stays away from alcohol.

In childhood, he has a dream to become a journalist and wants to have a degree in the same.

He has a lot of NGOs that are connected to him there he helps children who are having an interest in fitness but are not able to peruse their dreams. He also runs a gym for his NGO children where they can come and train themselves. 


Tarun Gill’s dedication to fitness and his ability to inspire and educate others have made him a popular figure in the fitness industry. We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive biography guide on Tarun Gill.

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What did Tarun Gill do?

Tarun Gill is a prominent figure in the fitness industry. He has dedicated his career to helping individuals transform their bodies, improve their overall fitness levels, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Through his digital content, workshops, and seminars, Tarun Gill provides valuable insights, guidance, and motivation to his followers.

Why is Tarun Gill famous?

Tarun Gill has gained fame and recognition for his exceptional knowledge, expertise, and dedication to fitness.

Who is the coach of Tarun?

Tarun’s coach Yash Thakur reveals the diet and fitness regime that has helped him become India’s most aesthetic 41-year-old

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