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Arun Govil Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Caste, Biography & Networth

Arun Govil is widely known for his portrayal of Lord Rama in Ramanand Sagar’s epic television series “Ramayana,”. 

Arun Govil

He is an actor, producer, and director. He has acted in many regional films like Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bhasha, Odia, and Telugu. 

Arun Govil Wiki / Biography

He was born on January 12, 1958, in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He displayed a passion for acting from a young age and aspired to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

Arun govil

Despite his father’s wishes for him to pursue a government job, Arun’s determination led him to Mumbai to join his brother’s business and pursue his acting dreams.

Physical Appearance

Arun Govil’s height is approximately 177 cm (5′ 10”). With his black eyes and black hair, he exudes an aura of elegance and charm. 

Arun govil wiki

He completed his studies at Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Meerut, where he completed his course in Engineering Science.

Family, Caste & Relationships

Arun Govil comes from a close-knit family. He is the son of Chandra Prakash Govil, and his mother’s name is not widely known.

He spent his teenage life in Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. Arun is the fourth son among his six brothers and two sisters.

He is married to Shrilekha Govil, who was a celebrity designer at the time they met. 

arun govil wife
Arun Govil with his Wife Shrilekha Govil

They have two children together – a son named Amal Govil and a daughter named Sonika Govil.

sonika govil
Arun Govil Daughter Sonika govil

His son Amal Govil lives in Mumbai and works as a banker in one of the leading bank companies. Whereas his daughter Sonika Govil lives in Boston USA, where is pursuing her course at one of the best University that is Hult International Business School.

sonika govil and amal govil
Sonika Govil and Amal Govil


His career began in 1979 with his debut film “Paheli.” He quickly gained recognition and went on to act in several notable movies like “Sawan Ko Aane Do,” “Raadha Aur Seeta,” and “Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin.”

He also does work in Ramanand Sagar’s Vikram aur betaal in 1985. Arun won the Upton Award for best actor and the leading role category in 1989. His role in Rama’s Luv Kush. He got great exposure and experience.

arun govil in vikram betal
Arun in Vikram Betal

However, it was his portrayal of Lord Rama in Ramanand Sagar’s “Ramayana”. The television series, which aired from 1987 to 1988, became very popular in Indian households.

ram with sita

Rise to Fame as Lord Rama

Arun Govil’s career reached new heights when he portrayed the iconic character of Lord Rama in Ramanand Sagar’s television series “Ramayana” (1987-88). 

Ramayan complete crew
Ramayan complete crew

During the filming of “Ramayana,” Arun Govil made a significant sacrifice. As a chain smoker, he decided to quit smoking cigarettes, believing that it would be inappropriate for a character portraying a god to be seen with a cigarette in hand. 

Recently he appeared on Kapil Sharma Show season 2 along with his co-star of Ramayana that was Deepika Chikalia and Sunil lahri

arun govil in kapil sharma shows

Car Collection

He has a fondness for luxury cars. One of the notable vehicles in his collection is a Mercedes C 200, reflecting his refined taste and love for elegance.


1. Arun quit smoking cigarettes while playing the role of Lord Rama.

2. He lent his voice to the Indo-Japanese animated movie “Ramayana- The Legend Of Prince Rama” (1992).

3. During the nationwide lockdown in March 2020, Arun was seen watching the retrun of “Ramayana” with his family.

arun govil watching ramayan in home

We hope this biography provided you with valuable insights into the life and journey of Arun Govil. His portrayal of Lord Rama in “Ramayana” will forever be etched in the hearts of millions. If you have any additional information or interesting anecdotes to share about Arun Govil, feel free to leave your comments below!


He loves home-cooked simple food. His favorite time pass is Reading, Travelling, Riding bikes and cars, and to photoshoots. His favorite sport is Hockey and he loves to see and play hockey both.

Latest Updates

He also received an invitation to the Pran Pratishta ceremony in Ayodhya

Arun Govil expresses his disappointment in not getting to do Ram Lalla’s darshan during the consecration ceremony; says “Sapna toh bhaiya poora ho gaya par darshan rah gaye”.


What is the business of Arun Govil?

He has a company named Arun Govil Productions Private Limited is majorly in Community, personal & Social Services business for last 15 years

Who is the real wife of Arun Govil?

The real wife of Arun Govil is Shrilekha Govil. They have been married for several years and have two children together.

How old is Arun Govil?

He is 64 years old. He was born on January 12, 1958.

Who is Arun Govil’s daughter?

He has a daughter named Sonika Govil. She has pursued her studies in the United States.

Was Tabassum married to Arun Govil?

Tabassum was married to Vijay Govil, elder brother of television actor Arun Govil

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