Preety Grewal Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family & Networth

Preety Grewal is a famous makeup artist and beautician. She used to make makeup tutorials and beauty videos which helps in enhancing natural beauty.


She used to post makeup photos and tutorials.

Preety Grewal Wiki/Biography

Preety, complete name is “Preety Grewal,”. She is a famous makeup artist and Vlogger. She was born on January 6, 1983, in Sehjra, Punjab.

Preety Grewal

Preety Grewal’s zodiac sign is Gemini. As a young girl, she has a passion for doing makeup which helps her in exploring this artistry. She studied till the 12th class.

Physical Appearance

  • Height – 5’2
  • Weight ( in KG) – 70
  • Hair Colour – Black
  • Eye Colour – Black


She started her professional journey with her debut in the makeup industry. Over time, her skills gained recognition, and she gathered a reputation for her unique approach to makeup.

Preety Grewal while Doing Makeup
Preety Grewal while Doing Makeup

She is entirely professional in her work and has an official website, “Punjabi Beauty Secrets,” where she shares her insights, tips, and tutorials.

She usually posts videos on her youtube channel. The videos are related to beauty advice and makeup tutorials. The tutorials really help other individuals to learn about their makeup. She has a hobby of cooking.

Preety Grewal In Her studio

Preety engages with her followers through her Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

Family, Caste & Husband

Preety’s roots are deeply tied to her family. Her mother’s name is Harjinder Kaur, and her father’s name is Paramjit Kaur. 

Preety Grewal Pics

In her personal life, Preety is married to Harinder Pal Singh. Together, they have a loving family with two children, a son named Harshdeep Singh and a daughter named Sehajleen Kaur.

Salary & Net Worth

The details about her salary and net worth are currently not available.


1. Preety Grewal was born on January 6, 1983, in Sehjra, Punjab.

2. She is a Gemini, reflecting her adaptable and dynamic nature.

3. Preety is married to Harinder Pal Singh and has two children.

4. Preety Grewal has earned awards and accolades for her contributions to the beauty industry.

Social Media Profiles 

  • Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PunjabiBeautySecrets/
  • Linkedin  – https://www.linkedin.com/in/preety-grewal-98b3b2289/
  • Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@PunjabiBeautySecrets
  • Website – https://punjabibeautysecrets.com/
  • IMDbhttps://www.imdb.com/name/nm15160602/ 

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