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10 Famous Tik Tok Users In India (2020)

Tik tok is a video sharing app, which gave opportunities to the young talents in India from 2016. Millions of Indians use this Chinese video-sharing social networking service. Here, they express his or her short lip-syncs, comedy, and dance. Many young talents made use of this platform and got recognition from respective industries. They do earn well on tik tok and dedicate their time to top the chart in all titles. Here, we have listed the top 10 tik tok users in India. The rating and ranking posted here are as of 1st week of June 2020. It is advisable to check daily as the followers, like and heart varies overnight.

Most Popular Tik Tok Users In India In 2020

1. Riyaz Aly

Riyaz Aly

His tik tok user ID @riyaz.14 has 41.3 million followers and 1906 million likes. By this rating, Riyaz Aly has the highest followers on tik tok in India. He is a young talented social media personality from Mumbai. By sharing his talent in tik tok, he is liked by entertainment industries and they do offer chances. His comedies and dance were much appreciated. He is popular for his lips syncs videos. He is maintaining his stardom on tik tok by being active on it.

2. Faisal Shaikh

Faisal Shaikh

His tik tok user ID @mr_faisu_07 has 30.1 million followers and 1813 million likes. He is a Mumbaikar, who became one of the famous tik tok users by sharing his music videos. His other name is Mr. Faisu, yet the original name is Shaikh Mudassir Faisal. At the age of 23, he becomes the most tik tok influencer in India by his Musical account and as a social media personality. He is active with his tik tok updates. 

3. Arishfa Khan

Arishfa Khan

Her tik tok user ID @_arishfakhan_ has 27.6 million followers and 1090 million likes. She has one of the most followers on tik tok in India, as she is popular for her Shayari style songs videos. Her lips match is most appreciated by her followers. Moreover, she is an actress and a social media personality too. Today, she is most involved in tik tok to become the number one tik tok influence in India. She is much active on tik tok to become the number one tik tok influencer in India.

4. Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Jannat Zubair wiki
Jannat Zubair wiki

Her tik tok user ID @jannat_zubair29 has 27.3 million followers and 706 million likes.  She is one of the most famous tik tok users, who gained popularity with her dance twists. Moreover, she is a small and big screen personality too. Hence, she got tik tok influence within a short span. She is from Mumbai and active in tik tok and films too. Before the launch of tik tok, she was an active social media personality.

5. Nisha Guragain

nisha guragain biography

Her tik tok user ID @nishaguragain has 26.9 million followers and 719 million likes. She is the most popular tik tok users in India, who is popular for her lip-syncs. She also doses acting and a few duet numbers. She gained a million of followers in a short span than from the above-mentioned top four-tik tok influencer in India. Her nickname is Angel Nishu and she is from Mumbai. She is much active now a day to become the top tik tok star in India. 

6. Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar

His tik tok user ID @awezdarbar has 25.4 million followers and 1022 million likes. He is liked for his dance videos. Those videos are with excellent AV qualities than his YouTube Channel. Moreover, he is a professional dancer and the director of ACE productions too. He is a Mumbaikar and a professional choreographer. He reached this popularity by using various social media platforms. Yet, tik tok app boosted him to unexpected rating as the, most tik tok influencers in India. 

7. Sameeksha Sud

sameeksha sud full images
sameeksha sud wiki

Her tik tok user ID @sameeksha_sud has 2.9 million followers and 1126 million likes. Her action videos went popular in tik tok app. She is from the small screen industry and a model by profession too. This made her to do lip-sync and comedy videos too. She too gained many followers in a short time. By this, she is also one of the most sought tik tok influencers in India. She is aiming to come in the top 5-tik tok influencers in India.

8. Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur

Her tik tok user ID @avneetkaur_13 has 21.9 million followers and 531 million likes. She was quite a popular dancer since the beginning of tik tok. She earned that popularity through reality dance shows on small screens. She does have those highest records in on other social media platforms apart from tik tok. However, she influenced tik tok with her acting skills, dance, and fashion. Today, she is one of the leading tik tok influencers in India. 

9. Priyanka Mongia

priyanka mongia wiki
priyanka mongia wiki

Her tik tok user ID @piyanka_mongia has 21.3 million followers and 417 million likes. She is one of the famous tik tok users from Punjab. She is known for her lisp syncs, fun, and entertaining videos. She is a muser too. Tik tok has enabled her to enter into modeling and on media screens. Today, she has a management team to look after her tik tok activities. She does this to compete with others on this same platform.

10. Garima Chaurasia

garima chaurasia full photo
garima chaurasia full photo

Her tik tok user ID @gima_ashi has 20.9 million followers and 616 million likes. She earned the title ‘bohot hard’ girl title on tik tok. One of her song video made her viral. This made her tik tok highest followers in India overnight. She also scores well in other social media platform too apart from tik tok. She is a young fashion model, who set tik tok on fire with her dance moves. She is also known for her western attires. Her hometown is New Delhi.

The above-mentioned tik tok users rating and ranking can topple overnight. It is advisable to check on this website for the top 10-tik tok stars in India. We are transparent in updating the tik tok user’s likes and followers.

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