IRCTC Cancellation Charges 2020 – Cancellation charges for reserved, RAC, waitlisted tickets

Are you looking for Latest IRCTC Cancellation Charges In 2020 then you are on the right place. IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is a corporation owned by the Indian Government and comes under the regulatory control of the Ministry of Railways. The railway ministry has transferred the responsibility of tourism, catering, and booking of online tickets. It is a subordinate of Indian railways.

IRCTC has set some rules regarding the cancellation of tickets and refunds. When a passenger cancels the train ticket, he has to pay IRCTC cancellation charges. IRCTC trains tickets can be cancelled online, and the return will be transferred to the passenger’s bank account after deducting IRCTC cancellation Charges.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges and Refund Rules 2020

Following are the rules for IRCTC cancellation charges 2020:

  •   IRCTC cancellation charges are based on the period of departure schedule of the train. If the ticket is cancelled more than 48hrs of leaving the station, the cancellation charge for executive and AC chair cars are rs240 and rs180, including GST, respectively. 
  •   If a ticket is cancelled between 48hrs to 12hrs the cost will be 25% on the amount of card.
  •   If a card is cancelled between 12hrs to 4 hrs, the charge will be 50%.
  •   No refund will be granted if there is no cancellation of the ticket, or no TDR is filled.

IRCTC cancellation charges now for the waitlisted tickets: A person need not cancel a ticket if his name is not mentioned after the first charting. The voucher will automatically be cancelled without any cancellation charge.

If a waiting list ticket is cancelled through online before 4hrs of leaving the station, the charge will be rs20 per passenger, including GST. 

If a train is late by 3hrs, then there will be no IRCTC cancellation charges. All the passengers will get the refund money, whether they are holding a fully or partially confirmed ticket.

Above all are the latest IRCTC cancellation charges levied upon the passengers according to the conditions.

Waiting ticket cancellation charges

IRCTC cancellation charges 2020 – Some passengers have kept on a waiting list even after the preparation of reservation charts. If their name is not mentioned at the time of the final statement, then the refund will automatically transfer to the bank account of a person, which he uses when booking after deducting some charges.

A passenger can cancel his waiting ticket through 30 minutes previous to the departure of the train. IRCTC cancellation charges 2020 for the waiting list will be:

  •   Rs.30 for second class
  •   Rs.60 for other classes

Cancellation charges for a confirmed train ticket

IRCTC cancellation charges 2020 – A person can’t cancel the booking of a ticket by visiting the railway counters. He has to cancel the confirmed ticket online by visiting the official website and get the refund directly to his bank account. Cancellation charges for confirmed train tickets are based on the period of the departure of the train. 

If a passenger cancels the confirm ticket more than the 48 hrs before the departure schedule of a train, then the IRCTC cancellation charges will be deducted. The amount of fees is based on the class and coach of a train. 

  •   Cancellation charges for a/c first class are rs.240
  •   AC 2 tier- Rs.200
  •   AC 3 tier/ AC chair car/ AC 3 Economy- Rs.180
  •   For sleeper class- Rs.120
  •   Second class- 60rs will be charged. 

The cancellation charge is according to per person.

If a confirmed ticket cancels within 48 hrs or more than 12hrs before the schedule of departing train, then the IRCTC cancellation charge will be 25% of the amount of fare.

If a confirmed ticket cancels within 12 hrs or more than 4hrs, then the cancellation charge will be 50% of the actual amount of a card.

IRCTC refund helpline

IRCTC provides an IRCTC refund helpline number in which a person can call and gets all the details related to the refund.

Customer care numbers are: 0755-6610661 and 0755-4090600 or can call on IRCTC customer care number 139.

IRCTC refund status

IRCTC cancellation charges 2020 – If you want to check your IRCTC refund status, you must visit the official website of IRCTC. When you landed on the homepage of IRCTC, you will find a box on the upper side of your right hand, hit on the ‘Check refund status.’ Now, type your PNR number and mention the date of your journey. Click on submit to know the status of your refund.

A passenger can also check the IRCTC refund status by using a ‘refund registration number.’

Train ticket cancellation charges calculator

The train ticket cancellation charges are based on some calculations which are different for every condition. In some situations, the cancellation charge is based o percentages. For example:

When a confirmed ticket is cancelled

  • If an executive class ticket is cancelled before 48hrs of departure, then the charge will be rs240. If cancel between 48hrs and 12hrs. The cost will be 25% of the fare. 
  • The cancellation charge for all the class, when the ticket is cancelled between 48hrs and 12hrs the cost is 25%.
  • The cancellation charge for all the class, when the ticket is cancelled between 12hrs and 4hrs, the cost is 50% of the fare.

When a waitlisted ticket is cancelled

  • The cancellation charge for all the class, when the ticket cancelled before 30 minutes, the cost will be 60rs. Of the fare amount.

RAC ticket cancellation charges

RAC stands for reservation against cancellation. Cancellation charges for RAC, unreserved and waitlisted tickets are:

  •   60rs for other classes
  •   30rs for unreserved class

When a passenger wants to cancel the RAC ticket, the amount will be refunded to the passenger after deducting a certain amount as a corkage charge. However, the railway will not give any refund to the passenger if he doesn’t file TDR or cancel the e-ticket before 30 minutes of the train departure.

Counter ticket cancellation

IRCTC cancellation charges 2020 – If a passenger wants to cancel a confirmed ticket, he can cancel it 4 hrs before the departure time of the train. Or, if he wants to cancel the waitlisted ticket, he will be able to cancel the ticket 30 minutes before the status of waiting on the list. 

Because of the coronavirus, people are facing the situation of lockdown, so the Government has provided them the facility of cancelling tickets even after 90 days of booking.

Many people commonly ask some FAQs regarding the train ticket cancellation or refunding money after ticket cancellation:

What are the cancellation charges for a train ticket

The train ticket cancellation charges vary according to the classes of the train coach. When a confirmed ticket is cancelled before 48 hrs of the departure schedule of a train, then the cancellation charges according to per person will be deducted from the executive class is rs.240, rs.200 for a/c 2 tier, rs.180 for a/c 3 tier, rs.120 for sleeper class and rs.60 for second class.

Is the waiting list ticket automatically cancelled

Yes, the waiting list tickets automatically got cancelled. Every passenger had allotted a berth and coach number of a train when they finally confirmed their tickets. When the name of a passenger is not mentioned on the chart, it means he or she didn’t get the train seat. And thus, the waiting list ticket automatically gets cancelled.

Are IRCTC tickets refundable

Yes, the IRCTC ticket is refundable; however, there are some conditions in which the amount of the ticket can be refunded to the passenger. Like, in the online cancellation of a ticket, the amount is refunded to the passenger by the exact way through which the person used at the time of booking ticket.

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