Dharambir Tau Haryana Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Wife & Networth

 Dharambir Tau from Haryana is one of the viral Instagram men who became popular after sharing his retired life with his girlfriend.

Dharambir Haryana

The real name of Dharambir Haryana is Pankaj Rathi. It is a fictional character portrayed by comedian Pankaj Rathi. 

With the help of filters, Pankaj is playing the character of an elderly man Dharambir, the shocking truth is that he is a young and talented 25-year-old comedian.

Dharambir Haryana with Pankaj Rathi
Pankaj Rathi as Dharambir Haryana 

Dharambir Haryana Wikipedia

NameDharambir Singh
Date of Birth1997
Age26 Years
Born atHaryana, India
Net Worth2 Crore
Youtube Channel Treat Help Them
Father NameHansraj Rathi
Mother NameNot Known
ProfessionVlogger, Content Creator

Dharambir Tau Haryana Wiki/Biography

Dharambir Tau originally known as Pankaj Rathi, is a popular social media influencer and comedian based in the Garhi village of Rohtak, Haryana.

Dharambir Haryana Wiki

He is the creative mind behind the fictional character, Dharambir Tau, which he portrays with amazing acting skills.

Apart from his Instagram fame, Pankaj also manages a YouTube channel called “Treat Help Them,” dedicated to raising funds for homeless people.

Pankaj Rathi Youtube channel
Pankaj Rathi Youtube channel

Physical Appearance

While entertaining millions as the elderly Dharambir Haryana. Pankaj Rathi cleverly changes his youthful looks using an online filter.

Dharambir with Costa Coffee
Dharambir with Costa Coffee

In reality, he is a young 26-year-old. His height is 170 cm and his weight is 70 kg.

Family and Personal Life

He was born and brought up in Garhi village in Rohtak, Haryana. His father’s name is Hansraj Rathi.

Furthermore, his main goal in portraying Dharambir Haryana is raising funds for the less fortunate, particularly those without family or financial support.

He uploaded his young photograph with his wife Gulabo.

Dharambir with Gulabo
Dharambir with Gulabo

Career and Rise to Fame

Dharambir Tau journey to fame has been nothing short of extraordinary. Within six days of making his debut on Instagram, his reels quickly gained traction, garnering millions of followers.

Dharmveer singh

Beginning with zero followers, he gained 100,000 followers within 3 days. Recently he has more than 600k Instagram followers.

Viral Reels

Dharambir’s most iconic reel features his “retirement plan,” where he humorously shares his unconventional approach to retirement while lounging in a swimming pool.

In this clip, he declares that he won’t share any of his wealth with his children.


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In addition to his famous retirement reel, Dharambir’s witty take on taxes and his girlfriend “Rendi” (Russian Girl) have also gained popularity getting over 2 million views online.

Dharambir with Girlfriend Rendi
Dharambir with his Girlfriend Rendi


Favorite FoodDal Roti
Favorite DrinkBeer
Favorite VehicleAudi
Favorite MovieBuddha Hoga Tera Baap
Favorite ActorDan Bilzerian
Favorite ActressRendi
Favorite ActivityFun
Favorite DirectorJohnny Walker
Favorite DestinationManali
HobbiesContent Creator & Moj


1. Dharambir Haryana is a fictional character played by comedian Pankaj Rathi.

2. He gained immense popularity for his dark humor-filled Instagram reels.

Dharambir with Dan Bilzerian
Dharambir with Dan Bilzerian

3. Dharambir Haryana’s real age is 25, contrary to his elderly virtual persona.

4. His YouTube channel, “Treat Help Them,” is dedicated to helping the less fortunate.

5. He also collaborated with two more models from Russia with whom he made reels on Instagram.

Dharambir tau

6. He also collaborated with Vibhu Varshney for exposing himself in his Instagram videos.


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A post shared by Vibhu Varshney (@dilsepaneer)

7. He is coming up with his new video on Dharambir Dulhania Le Jyngae.

Dharambir Haryana

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